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'[OT]: West Nile Virus Maps - 2002'
2002\08\11@172113 by Jim

West Nile Virus Maps - 2002

National and State Maps

Note: These maps reflect information that has been
submitted and verified to CDC through the week of August 2, 2002

Bird, Human, Mosquito, Sentinel and Veterinary map selection:

USA Bird Map:

USA Human Map:

>   West Nile virus, transmitted by the northern house
>   mosquito, Culex pipiens, first appeared in the United
>   States in 1999. It was identified in Uganda's West Nile
>   District in 1937. The virus causes brain and spinal
>   cord inflammation in humans. West Nile virus infects
>   many different bird species, but it appears to be lethal
>   to crows, jays, and hawks. Mosquitoes feed on birds
>   infected with the virus and then transmit it to humans
>   and other animals.

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