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'[OT]: For Sale: PIC 16C57-XT/P and PIC 16C57-X'
2000\12\09@183449 by Steve Miller

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For Sale:   PIC 16C57-XT/P  and PIC 16C57-XT/SP
( If you have no interest in these,  hit DELETE now!)

I have a large quantity of both of these ICs for sale.  They are 94 date
code and have been sitting in inventory at a local manufacturer for
several years.  I have programmed several samples and found that all work

Priced to move, I no longer have room to store these.  Tubes of 15 pieces

15                   $15.00      ($1.00 each)
30                   $30.00     ($1.00 each)
60                   $45.00     ($0.75 each)
75                   $56.25     ($0.75 each)
150                 $75.00     ($0.50 each)
Above 150 pieces:  $0.50 each

I also have a Transdata PGM28A gang programmer for these parts, so I am also
willing to program small quantity of parts for a small fee with the code you

Want to take them all?  Let's make a deal!   I am even willing to include
the gang programmer.  For large quantities, I will send you samples before
closing the deal.

This is older MicroChip technology, but is still in production.  Please
visit the MicroChip site and review the datasheets for these.  This is one
of the largest parts in this family.  Therefore, most microcode for smaller
chips in this family can be supported by these parts.  Not really a part for
newbies, but a great price for anyone needing a workhorse chip to perform an
I/O intense chore.

If you are interested email me at :   Do not reply to the
List!  I only read the Digest and then only skim it on my busier days.
Again, e-mail me privately, do not reply to the List.


----- Steve Miller

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