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'[OT]: Copy Direct CD to Direct CD?'
2002\08\14@194428 by Pic Dude

Backed up some files using the DirectCD format.  Now looking
for a simple way to duplicate the CD.  Possible options in
order of preference...

1. Disk-to-disk copy using Roxio (I know it will handle audio
   CD's or (native) data CD's, but what about DirectCD

2. Format new target CD as Direct CD, then copy and paste
   from old to new CD.  But the machine has only one CD-Rom
   drive?  Will it automatically ask for the correct CD's?
   Or will I need to do create an intermediate folder?

3. Simpler option?


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2002\08\14@200741 by cdb

I think the best way might be to create an image file of your CD.
Then once on your harddrive - format the new CD to the file system
and then burn the image back on.

It may be that you don't have to format the CD as the image file in
theory should do that for you. I'd give it a whirl using a RW CD at
leat you won't have wasted a CD.

cdb, on 15/08/2002

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2002\08\15@010531 by Mike Singer

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Maybe "CloneCD 4" will do it.
At first make .CCD image, then burn it,
regardless of CD format. Works fine.
Huge list of supported CD-RWs.
Can't recall where I downloaded it from.


Pic Dude wrote:
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2002\08\15@020443 by SM Ling

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Are you using DirectCD on CD-R ?  If so, be careful, I have problems when
the data on the CD-R becomes huge.  You could loose all the data on the CD-R
at that time.  I don't know is that the reason why others are not supporting
Direct-CD on CD-R except Roxio.  On CD-RW is no problem.  Multi-session
write on CD-R is much stable here.

Cheers, Ling SM

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