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PICList Thread
'[OT]: All these tags are fine...'
2000\06\05@173306 by andy howard

>  The knowledge of the members of this list is an awesome resource.
>  That knowledge and expertise comes at a price.  And in my opinion,
>  a very small price.  That price being you have to deal with the
>  posts that you are not interested in to get the information you
>  are interested in.   Come on people, what do you expect, really?
>  We live in an imperfect world, and no amount of complaining or
>  restructuring of protocol will make it perfect.  You can always
>  improve things, but they'll never be perfect.  This list is one of
>  those things.
>  Bottom line from my perspective...
>  I'll take the chaff with the wheat. I get rid of the chaff myself,
>  and live on the wheat.  No one need be the wiser.

Yep, I agree with all of that.
Like most people here, my time is valuable; but the time it takes to
scan a message and hit Next isn't worth the smallest fraction of what I
get in return.

I also have no problem with tachometer discussions, nor liquid level, IR
detection, etc. It's a rare PICster that never connects to anything but
a PC. Quite often these discussions inspire a new way of looking at
other problems.



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2000\06\05@175635 by James Paul


On Mon, 05 June 2000, andy howard wrote:

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