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2001\09\06@200015 by Kathy Quinlan


hey I am only 26 and I suffer this one already ;o)



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2001\09\07@084548 by Mike Rechin

'nother such story---

An AAADDS man and wife are resting at home.
A young couple stop by for a visit. The young
man asks the AAADDS man "Do you know of a good
place for dinner?".

AAADDS Man: "Yes, we just went to a great place."

Young Man : "Well, what is the name of the place?"

AAADDS Man: "I can't remember."

Young Man : "When did you go there?

AAADDS Man: "We went there last night."

Young Man : "Last night! Can't you remember the name?"

AAADDS Man: "No, I can't put my finger on it."

Young Man : "Please, try and recall the name."

AAADDS Man: "Well, what is that tall flower?"

Young Man : "Sunflower?..."

AAADDS Man: "No, the tall flower with thorns."

Young Man : "A Rose?..."

AAADDS Man: "YES! That's it..."

AAADDS Man yells to the kitchen ----

What was the name of the restaurant last night?"

...Mike Rechin, AAADDS-compliant

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