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PICList Thread
'[OT]: Messageboard and PICLIST.'
2001\01\06@205818 by Andy Howard

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> From: "Chris Pringle" <spam_OUTcpringleTakeThisOuTspamLATRIGG.DEMON.CO.UK>

> Maybe this is just me, but does anyone think that it would be a nice idea
> have PICLIST on a messageboard with different forums and topics. See
> for an example of what I mean (click on
> messageboard). I don't know what it would involve to do it, but I think it
> could be far easier to read.

Just my $0.02 here. Personally I'd hate it.

The big advantage of a mailing list is that it gets delivered direct to my
desk, I don't have to go looking for it - Also I don't have to endure
someone elses's ideas about layout and colour, distracting banners buttons
and helpful links, and having to navigate dodgy tree structures to try to
read the mail. There are several quite good web fora on topics that are of
great interest to me but which I rarely visit - OTOH I eagerly read several
mailing lists daily that cover the same topics.

It's _much_ easier to read mail than a web forum IMO. (Even more so for
those with accessibility issues).


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2001\01\06@224200 by Randy Glenn

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My $0.0133476USD ($0.02CAN):

And how.

Message board promote HTML use. They're hard to access. You can't archive
them easily yourself (I've got PICLIST going back to Nov. 1999 archived as
single-message, and from there to August 1999 archived as digest). Plus, you
can't download the latest messages to a Palm to read on the way to work (if
I had a Palm and a job, I'd do this...)

-Randy Glenn

My software doesn't have bugs; it develops random features.
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2001\01\07@104813 by uter van ooijen & floortje hanneman

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> Just my $0.02 here. Personally I'd hate it.
I can not agree more. Please keep the piclist as it is (the tags neither
bother nor help me, so keep them if they are usefull to al leat some

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