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'[OT]: [POLITICAL] my country AGSC'
2005\07\10@124748 by Gus Salavatore Calabrese

face picon face
sorry guys and gals

I just had to throw this in as well......

I failed to mention I was born in the USA
and live in the USA.  While technically a
US citizen ( which has it's conveniences ),
I do not vote, I love to be on juries and I attend
town meetings, council meetings and the like
to ask for programs to be dropped and expenditures
reduced.  Of course, I am ignored.

Every day in my own ways, I do what I can to
interfere with government expansion.

Now to the point.....      ( Question )
I would like one of the folks who says " This is
my country and I am proud of it" to explain exactly
( and I mean exactly ) what that means.

Do you own the USA ? I think not ?  Does the USA
follow your directives ?  Not even one I would think,
unless by coincidence.  In fact, what is the USA ?
Is it the military ? the government ?  The White House
spokesman ?  The people who inhabit the USA ?
The ground we walk on ?   ????

At least when some one says " The Patriots are MY football
team" , I know what they are talking about.  I know what the
Patriots football team is and I know that they do not own it,
and they do not direct it and they do not influence it.  Yes, it
is true that thousands of fans combine to influence the team
and it is also true that one fan does not.

So if someone would answer my original question ........

Augustus Gustavius Salvatore Calabrese 720.222.1309    AGSC   Denver, CO

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