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'[OT]: [EE]: PIC + USB'
2000\05\24@105050 by Severson, Rob


I can't help with the Mac driver aspect of your problem, but I made USB
hardware that is aimed at what you need to accomplish. The USBSIMM
( paired with a Dontronics (
relay board will get you the hardware that you need. If the Mac supports the
HID devices then example firmware is also available.

My blurb:
The USBSIMM provides a method to interface various circuit designs to the
Universal Serial Bus. Compliance with the SimmStick(tm) format provides the
benefit of quick and easy adaptation to SimmStick(tm) products. The USBSIMM
card will allow rapid product development without the initial cost of USB
development tools.

USBSIMM contains an advanced 8051 with a USB serial interface engine. The
microcontroller has 8k bytes of RAM internally, and is supplemented with 32k
bytes of external RAM. The microcontroller sports two serial ports, several
timers, an I2C engine, and 16+ port lines. This makes for a rather powerful
SimmStick or small embedded control computer even if the USB port is used
only for development.

Jim, this is a powerful little chunk of hardware that should work for you.
I'd like to be able to add Mac application information to the website.
Contact me if you would be willing to share your work.


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