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'[OT]:[WOT]:: HAI & list moderation (was: RE:[OT]:'
2007\01\29@075150 by Russell McMahon

>> At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'd like to
>> point out that Buddhists do not worship, either. If you
>> follow your narrow definition of religion, then Buddhism is
>> not a religion.

> Some will be horrified to learn that from what I have seen of it, I
> don't
> classify Buddhism as a religion.

> Having said that, I would REALLY rather not see it discussed here.
> Mostly
> because I fear the rage of all the other/real religions.

Rage ?

I don't see HAI as a religion by any normally accepted meaning of the

I also, from what I understand about Buddhism over time, do not see it
as having a god (or a God). But, arguably, it would see itself as a
religion / it's adherents would see it as a religion. It may not be
seeking to lead people to god but it is seeking to lead people and
there is a right and wrong way to go (and easy and hard ways depending
on how fast you want to go / how many iterations you ant it to take
and how much rigour you wish to apply) and it does deal with having
something which keeps on coming back as you until it gets it right.
Sounds awfully like a religion, even without a god.

I think Buddhism *may* demonstrate that you can have a religion
without having a god as others understand the term.

Whether that means you can also have a god without having a religion I
don't know :-)

Some Christians like to say that they are not religious and don't
believe in religion and that what they seek is to avoid all the
formalism, straitjacketing, rules sets and the like of "religions" and
instead to (just :-) ) have a deeper personal relationship with God. I
understand their point and I even agree with its principle BUT I think
it is far far easier to say than to achieve and for anyone outside
looking in the differences would not always be evident (alas). "Use
the force, Luke" (properly translated) is indeed what it's about for a
Christian but "be a hypocrite, march in step, learn and regurgitate by
rote, annoy everyone who doesn't belong" is the trap and the


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