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'[OT]:: Ultimate travel site'
2007\03\25@181545 by Russell McMahon

Summary:    "Best photo & travelogue travel site I've ever seen"

   If you have any interest in seeing photos and reading
   accounts of travels in semi randomly selected far off
   places then this site is liable to be about as good as
   you'll find.

   As well as photos and general travelogues it gives you
   a good idea of costs, accommodation,  transport, facilities
   and general attitudes to travellers.

Warning: People with an addiction to this type of material will have
their lives further destroyed by reading past here  :-) + :-(.


I haven't started to start to grasp the scope of everything on this
superb photo and travelogue site, but it is so marvellous and so vast
that I'll share it now so others can decide to wander it's endless
corridors themselves if they wish. I don't even know the reason or
rational for the wanderings but it contains extensive photos and quite
detailed accounts of visits to many many countries - in the case of
China (which is all I have looked at in any detail) apparently by a
lone traveller. Photo quality is excellent within the size of posted
images. As an indication of what others think about the site, he gets
about 100 GB a month of download traffic.


Sample travelogue page
China. Urumqi to Dunhuang

30+ Travelogues

Photo tours of

Malaysia, Laos, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, China, Taiwan,
India, Nepal,
Austria, Germany, Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, Italy, Portugal
Egypt, Morocco, Dubai

Photo galleries
Unbelievably well order, labelled and structured.

eg one "drill down" to get to the photos.
Fast so not annoying to get to photos

Down one more level

And another

And yet another

And finally


If that's not enough, he provides these links to other photo travel

           Russell McMahon

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