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'[OT]:: Introduction of New high speed VNC video co'
2007\02\01@160950 by Russell McMahon

Most VNC aficionados will have seen this but it's useful enough to be worth
flagging to others.

       GENERAL:        VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a public domain
remote computer access system originally developed by AT&T. Well worth
knowing about if you require remote PC access. A client running on an
extremely modest PC can  be used to display a screen image from and control
numerous PCs of any desired capability. If data rate constraints are not
severe (as they are in the case covered below) then a 286 class processor or
even a PDA may be able to act as a remote front end for a far more capable

THIS EMAIL:        Hitachi have developed and public domained a VNC codec
for video transfer that greatly improves achievable data rate for video
transfers compared to the more common ZRLE (run length encoded) algorithm
that VNC uses for video. RLE is usually fine for screens with large areas of
the same colour but not so good for real world pictures.

ZRLE is lossless.
If I read their text and table correctly their new codec achieves a 2+ times
speed / data rate improvement over ZRLE for high quality video and 5+ times
for medium quality video.

If you insist on watching videos over a VNC link then this will probably
assist markedly.


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