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'[OT]:: Burma earthquake M7.0 March 24th 2011 13:55'
2011\03\24@110641 by RussellMc

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Nasty earthquake in Burma / Myanmar - just occurred.
Early hours of Friday morning NZ time.
Mid to late morning Thursday USA.
Early PM Europe.

A little under 2 hours ago as I write.
Near Laos / China / Myanmar intersection point.

"Only" a M7.0 BUT as 10 km deep and large close population

A few hundred people probably in the utterly disastrous region.
30,000 to 100,000 in the disastrous region :-(.
100's to thousands of deaths.

Near total lack of infrastructure support (unlike Japan) and a govenment who
historically has seen natural disasters as a mens of reducing their economic
liabilities :-(.

These people need immediate aid far more than the japanese do at present,
unlikely as that may sound.
What the world does about it will be interesting to see.

Figures changing as i write, as they do.
Down to a 6.8
But population/magnitude spread looking worse if anything :-(.
Hundreds of dead, but about 100,000 people in the "moderate to heavy damage
to resistant structures" zone.

Enough :-(.
Pray / hope / send money.




There is no known correlation with earthquakes and lunar / solar
gravitational effects, I'm told.
But, fwiw, this quake is timed to about the peak gravitational "shift"  in
several decades.

One could argue (for or against) that the recent Japanese quake was part of
the same cycle. Naturally there is loud shouting on both sides.
It's interesting (and maybe that's all) to note that a quake of her japanese
magnitude "needed" about 400km of straight plate edge to occur - but didn't
have it, but happened anyway. 7th? biggest in known histoty and broke the
rules. Whatever.

Whether this will prove to be significant is yet TBD.
Experts say no.
Recent major events here.

Still 6.8.
Sending ..

2011\03\26@064146 by RussellMc

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Update on Myanmar earthquake now around 2 days ago
Looks as bad as expected, alas.
Photo attached in probably in Thailand on border - possibly 20 to 50 miles
from epicentre.
News from northern Thailand just looks bad. Destroyed solid buildings, roads
torn open. All the usual.
Situation nearer the epicentre in Myanmar, with 100,000+ people affected,
will be wore to much much worse.

At 80 km/50 miles people were outside and lying on the ground.
At 550 km / 350 miles people were leaving their buildings.
Some damage in Hanoi!

At 10 km?

The people in the immediate area need outside help much more than those in
Japan do.
No substantial support  infrastructure.
Many low resistance structures.
A Government that really really doesn't care.

Very little on our news.
A reasonable number of webpages on it, but not at all proportionate to the
need compared to other quakes.

This is as good a page as most.
Most photos show the response in northern Thailand - giving some idea of
what it may be like in far less accessible and much worse affected Myanmar.


NZ news page

Australian 7 news

What used to be there :-(,99.949&spn=2,2&f=d&t=h&hl=e

Statistics page


On 25 March 2011 04:05, RussellMc <> wrote:

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