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'[OT]:: And you thought that Bii Gate$ was thge wor'
2007\07\03@233031 by Russell McMahon

Bill G doesn't like playing 2nd fiddle to anyone, but in the case of
Mexican Carlos Slim, Bill has no choice. Not right at the moment

Expect to see Microsoft reviewing its legacy patents in property,
stock brokerage, bottling & Telcos, amongst other things.

Mr Slim is said to be worth $US67.8 billion. A comfortable 14%+ ahead
of Willy G. For now anyway.

In "real terms" neither Big Bill or Slim Charles is all time top of
the heap. People like Rockefeller, Carnegie, DeBeer, possibly Hughes
(I haven't checked) and a few others whose names I also probably spell
wrongly were richer in their day than he.

Carlos was only 35th on this list made in 1999.
Hasn't he done well since then?


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