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'[OT]:: A food court - but not as you know it, prob'
2010\11\07@203541 by Marcel Duchamp

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On 11/7/2010 3:39 PM, RussellMc wrote:
> Enjoy.

Did. Thanks!  A nice window into the China that is.  A complex mix of the China that was and the China that will be.

> What I was fed tasted OK.
> I was pleased that their taste accorded more closely with mine than that of
> most present appeared to :-).
> 1st photo is "baby birds" I was told.
> I have my best ever Asian street walk video from just after here.
> Some time ... .
>                 R

2010\11\07@210013 by John Gardner

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Part of the joy of hyperglycemia is being inordinately susceptible to
every plague that comes down the pike. I quit eating out about 15
years ago - Amazing what a difference it makes - Although I must
ascribe my relative good health (I know a LOT of diabetics) to
aggressive blood sugar control in a near-normal range, along with a
seriously tough genome. (I have an antecedent who was born in 1812,
thus three years old when Andy Jackson whipped the Redcoats at New
Orleans (Few sadder battles than those fought after the War is over...)
fought in the American Civil War (Infantry,on the Confederate side) and
whose last legal relic is a marriage license - In 1890...

James Hill, of Mississippi, latterly Texas. BTW, in 1812 Mississippi was
a howling wilderness - Unless you were Choctaw. How that came about
would probably make a tale, could it be known...

I have'nt had a bad cold flu, or both ends running in many years.

On 11/7/10, RussellMc <> wrote:
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2010\11\08@123635 by Justin Richards

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> Enjoy.

I also did.  Thanks.

What was going on in item 178.  Something is for sale I just cant work out what.

The food looked tempting, interesting as Chinese food in Aus doesn't
quite look like that.

I do wonder where you find the time, you appear to be constantly busy

2010\11\09@123102 by James Newton

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Anyone who has met Russell knows how he does it... He lives, thinks, speaks
and moves about half again as fast as all the rest of us. You can't tell it
from his posts online, but it took him about half as long to write the post
as it would have taken me, or any normal human. No kidding... Really... He
is super human.

James Newton
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