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'[OT]::: Awesome spiral galaxy image - a Giraffe wo'
2007\02\22@164837 by Russell McMahon

Awe inspiring* newly released image of spiral galaxy IC342 in the
constellation Camelopardalis, imaged with a 64 MP sensor and available
for download in sizes up to 16MP in JPG and as a 16 MP TIF.

This is a "poster boy" for keeping dark sky's dark as this galaxy at
(a mere) 11 million light years distant is viewed through our galactic
centre and its brightness is much reduced by intragalactic dust,
without which it would be one of the brightest objects in our skies.

*    Awe inspiring - if you are not accustomed to viewing large size
small scale astronomical images you should be utterly stunned by the
content of this image. Even the (clearly visible) dust clouds are
stunning. The 'too many stars' to count' (many of them stand-ins
between us and the actual object of interest). Unlike many spiral
galaxies this offers an essentially "front on"  view.

Cut to the chase - choose an image.
JPGs in 5 sizes up to 18 MP. 16 MB and a 16MP, 45 MB TIF
GET THE 16 MP JPG at least !!!!!

As downloaded the TIF has somewhat higher contrast than the largest
JPG and blacker blacks but the images should be extremely similar in
content and a little playing with lighting levels with the 16 MP JPG
should produce results essentially indistinguishable from the TIF.

Read all about it:

2007\02\24@000101 by Russell McMahon

And not ONE person commented on the "giraffe worth viewing" :-)

Did anyone look at the utterly awesome picture?

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2007\02\24@032920 by Alexandre Guimar„es

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Hi, Russell

   It is incredible... And I gathered everyone that was in my house to see
it ! It's "grandiosity" makes me fell like smaller than cosmic dust but that
is OK because we really are :-) I am Zen enough to live with that ;-)

Best regards,
Alexandre Guimaraes

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2007\02\26@190148 by Sean Schouten

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What's the story on the pixelation in the top right corner of the image? Did
someone blank out a spaceship? Is it a cloaked klingon ship? What are the
sensor-readings? Report!


But seriously, check the upper right corner of the image. Even the TIFF has


2007\02\27@102441 by Martin Klingensmith

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On 2/26/07, Sean Schouten <> wrote:
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> -

2007\02\27@153012 by Jinx

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> Monolith


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