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PICList Thread
'[OT?] Smaller was Retro-Computer'
1999\09\26@205623 by Dennis Plunkett

At 17:37 26/09/99 -0700, you wrote:
>At 06:08 PM 9/26/99 -0300, Ing. Marcelo Fornaso wrote:
>>>PS: I'm looking for suggestions for names of my computer. I'm looking for
>>>something that pulls the same mental strings as UNIVAC and ENIAC.
>>>- Keelan Lightfoot

"Black hole" comes to mind, it will devoure all your spare time and cash!

Then again you could call it "Colosus" the poms intelligence system said
that this code cracker didin't exist, and it was dissmantled at the end of
the war. Fortunatly, the parts where kept and the thing was helped with all
the kings horses and all then kings men, and Colosus was put back together
again, and in the same building too! Hey get this, that thing was enulated
on a current PC, and it took a pentium at 100MHZ to do the same thing! Whom
says that we have come a long way! (Ok os things have gotten smaller etc,
and one machine can do many a different task).

You could call the thing "Son of LEO" anmed ofter the first machine to be
put into a business

Or you ould call it ALAN, anmed after the man who wrote the first machine
code programme.

The you could call it CRT, named after the first storage device.

I could go on, but I will bore you all.


1999\09\26@222107 by Keelan Lightfoot


>Or you ould call it ALAN, anmed after the man who wrote the first machine
>code programme.

I _really_ like this one. There is a bit of respect for the computer
industry's history in this one. It also sounds like a name that someone
would name a computer that could be used to flatten out bumps in 18" thick
concrete floors.

>I could go on, but I will bore you all.

I could call it Lovalace, after Babbages friend that is fabled to have been
the first programmer (have a look at -- They have another cut on
the story). I think, though, that if I called it lovelace, people would look
at me wierd when I talked about a computer named Lovalace.

The story I gave a link to above suggests that the first programmer was
Babbage, followed by his assistant and eldest son, Herschel. Too long for a
computer name. :)

- Keelan Lightfoot

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