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'[OT:]Porting LINUX KERNEL to PIC16F877 help!'
2004\04\01@222351 by Kevin Olalde

I suggest you contact Olin.  I'm sure his style of help is exactly what
you need.

>> Please suggest me something! anything!

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2004\04\01@225303 by Ian McLean

I take it no response from the original sender to all the snide responses
indicates this really was an April Fool's joke ?

I find it hard to believe anyone would post this request seriously.  If they
are smart enough to be porting Linux in the first place, then you would
think they were smart enough to know that the RAM and stack limitations of
the F877 might make the concept very difficult.  And in 20 something days
!!!  C'mon ....

However, if you were to calculate the *exact* improbability of the author of
this request achieving this goal, and feed it into the logic circuits of a
Bambleweeny 57 Sub-Meson Brain hooked up to an Atomic Vector Plotter
submerged in a strong Brownian Motion producer, say a good hot cup of tea


> {Original Message removed}

2004\04\01@230131 by Robert L Cochran

Speaking as someone new to microcontrollers but familiar with Linux,
this is the sort of question I might have posted myself.

But it is rather odd that the original poster hasn't replied to any of
the responses (at least, not as the original poster.)

Bob Cochran

Ian McLean wrote:

{Quote hidden}

>>{Original Message removed}

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