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'[OT:] still looking for WMD anyone.'
2004\01\15@021957 by James

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Is anyone still looking for WMD?

Anyway, remember they were supposedly sent
to Syria but now not in Syria?

Remember the few high ranking army
officers caught trying to "escape" to
Syria in the middle of the war.

Here's the theory:  WMD is hidden somewhere
on the way from Tikirt to Syria.
The officers were not trying escape but
were trying to recover them and use it.

Now where's my million dollar reward?

Charles Leon

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2004\01\15@023445 by Robert Ussery

Is this just a blatant troll, or what?
Thanks for at least posting it with a proper [OT:] tag. I think it's
stretching the limits of even OT, though.

- Robert

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