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'[OT:] multinational characters and the problems in'
2004\08\12@103819 by Anthony Toft

> I guess the trick is to start doing proofs of concept already using Unicode
> strings and string functions. Most higher level languages support that

The problem with this is the money involved, as a card carrying SW engineer, I
am frequently asked whack something together to proove that this can be done.
As an engineer I try to design it first, however with a week to write a thousand
source lines of code (SLOC) there's not much time left over for doing the Right
Thing. Another troubling experience is writing "demo code", then finding the
code being used 2 years later (and being touted as the best thing since sliced
bread) when you know it was written at 2am, and it needs restarting every 10
minutes because you didn't have time to track down the memory leak (or
whatever bug you choose), I wish I could charge royalties :)

> (here we're back to Java as a good example... :)

Actually in my scenario above Java causes more problems than it solves, having
been dealing with interns this summer, it's downright scarey what the schools
*aren't* teaching because they use Java. Things like explicit memory management,
byte swapping and basic debugging skills, all very important and necessary tools
to have in "the real world", I know a lot of this comes with experience, but
there should be at least an appreciation that these things are waiting to catch
the unwary traveller.

> I think just thinking of it would already do some good.

Thinking about it at the engineer level _does_ help, but until management
realize that the demo code is a bit more than that and sort out the often
ludicrous schedules, not much will get done about it due to time. Unfortunatly
the schedules get tighter as the CMMI buzzword gets passed around (and don't
even get me started on that!)

Wow, that turned out a rant didn't it? Sorry for that guys!

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