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'[OT:] The publications of Professor Linus Pauling '
2004\07\03@070441 by Russell McMahon

Not many people get two Nobel Prizes - or in such different areas.
If you know of LP you should look at this list.
If you have no idea who LP was you should look at this list :-)

As a list it's pretty boring stuff.
As an 1101 item record of mental diversity it's pretty amazing.


A very few samples - chosen mainly for their short titles :-)

The structure of water in hydrogen bonding.
The fear of food.
Synthetic Polypeptides.
The world problem and the Hydrogen bomb.
The crystal structure of Brookite.
Una reevaluacion de la vitamina C
   (If you get a Nobel prize for it you're allowed to write papers in
Spanish :-) )
Sensory neuropathy for pyridoxine abuse.

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