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'[OT:] Re: Torque g-cm?'
2004\02\19@133811 by Andrew Warren

Colin Constant <> wrote:

> I'm starting to do some things with stepper motors, and I'm trying
> to get just kind of an intuitive feel for torque specs.  Like, if I
> was tightening a nut on a 1/4 in. bolt, with just my fingers, about
> how many g-cm could I exert on it?
> I should mention that my confusion has nothing to do with the
> metric units; I'd be just as clueless in imperial.


"Finger-tight" is around 5 lb-in.  453.6 grams in a pound, 2.54
centimeters in an inch... So 5 lb-in = 5760 g-cm.


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