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'[OT:] RE: Fatal software disaster - lessons to lea'
2004\08\08@095510 by Wouter van Ooijen

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> hey Wouter i have the next Killer App for you
> write a program that will deal with customers
> interperate what they really want and then
> write the software. Once you have it bugfixed
> i'll sell it for you on a 3% commision ;->

You are way too late, there lots of such programs around. I have one
right here on my shoulders. Unfortunately they are all buggy, run on
unreliable organic wetware, and are expensive to operate. And I have not
yet re-engineered the programs to a human-readable format.

Wouter van Ooijen

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2004\08\08@122807 by Ben Hencke

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Not to mention that their sale or trade is illegal in most countries!
If you do manage to create your own, they have an extensive licencing
agreement that make the GPL and MS EULAs seem lax.
More on topic, check out this great report about Three Mile Island:

- Ben

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