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'[OT:] Public WiFi access (was Microship project)'
2004\05\24@194915 by Howard Winter

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On Mon, 24 May 2004 17:11:17 -0500, spam_OUTllileTakeThisOuTspamSALTONUSA.COM wrote:

> Wifi services:
> So there is Tmobile, and some others, and sometimes they are free, and
> sometimes you have to add extra fees to use them unless you are already
> signed up, sometimes you can get to the one you are signed up with and
> sometimes not.  Beginning to sound babel-ish to me....

Yup!  Early days of a new "industry" so it hasn't settled down yet.  A supermarket near me has a coffee shop
with an "Internet Cafe" function - you can use their machines for about GB£3 an hour, and when it opened they
had WiFi access for nothing - but that honeymoon is over now and they charge the same for using your own
laptop on WiFi as for using their machines.

> And these fees  are in addition to your ISP?

They are completely unrelated to your ISP - you may not even have an ISP!  You are paying for a connection to
the Internet, rather like paying to use a public phone - it's not related to your home phone.


Howard Winter
St.Albans, England

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