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'[OT:] Microwave oven leakage (was: Re: [OT:] WIFI '
2004\08\03@041809 by Nate Duehr

Robert B. wrote:

> I checked around it with a fluorescent tube, and it appears to be a highly
> directional leak towards my neighbor's house.  I know its crude, but its the
> best I could do.  So I just go in the other room (away from the leak)
> whenever something has to nuke for any length of time.  It's really not a
> very good microwave, so I probably should just replace it, but I really
> didn't think it was all that dangerous.  It sounds like maybe I'm wrong...

Well the inverse-square rule may be (literally) saving your skin.  Or at
least your eyes.  (Microwave energy is known to cause the formation of

If it's cooking hotdogs and it's leaking out, it's also cooking you if
you're within a few meters of the oven when it's operating.

Perhaps it's time to get a newer oven with no leaks and to have a play
with the old one:

Disclaimer: Not responsible for you blowing yourself up if you try any
of this crazy stuff!  ;-)

Nate Duehr,

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