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'[OT) Bitscope Software'
1999\11\06@070251 by David Duffy

<x-flowed>Hi All,
I was tracking down software bugs the other day with I2C & a 'F877.
Although I managed to borrow a 60MHz TekScope for the day I do
have a BitScope unit that should be able to collect logic data of the
bus if only I had some good LA software to run it with. Have any of
the PicLister's written anything for it ?  Maybe in Delphi ?  The guys
at Bitscope don't seem to have done any newer versions than the Feb
'99 beta version. These little units would be quite useful for seeing
exactly what's going on in micro-based circuits.

Dave Duffy         Audio Visual Devices 
Unit 8, 9-11 Trade Street, Cleveland, Queensland 4163 Australia
Phone: +61 7 38210362                 Facsimile: +61 7 38210281


1999\11\07@165935 by g_will

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Hello David,

Yes!!  GUI Bitscope software can be found at:

This is my software and is currently being released free in beta form for
those that want to try it out and give me feedback.  I have plans to add a
few more bells and whistles (eg. FFT, Math and basic Help) to it before the
first full release.

It can do single and dual channel analog as well as logic at various
sampling speeds and sample lengths (much more than the current offering
from the bitscope people).  Have a look and tell me what you think.


Gordon Williams

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1999\11\08@075752 by g_will

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Hello All,

Got the address wrong :(   Try

for the GUI Bitscope software.

Gordon Williams

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