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'[OT's] AOL, Lynx eval kit for sale'
1998\08\11@102928 by John P. Leonard

> On Aug. 10, 1998, Bruce Turrentine <spam_OUTTurrbieTakeThisOuTspamAOL.COM> wrote:
>   unsecribe
Hi-ho AOL users, to maintain all those great AOL mail services, send the
message:  "unsubscribe piclist" to ""

Oh, but seriously... I've got a Lynx Technologies 418Mhz LC series
evaluation kit for sale; paid $139.00+shipping, will sell for $70.00 (you
pay COD chg.).  It works great; used <8 hours.  Includes a tx board & rx
board (includes Lynx data encoder/decoder chips).
Complete info on it is at


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