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PICList Thread
'[OFFLIST:] Women in Engineering'
2004\02\19@162559 by llile


>Me              Her
-----------     ---------
Agnostic        Unitarian

And just what is the difference between an Agnostic and a Unitarian?
<grin> I am both!

-- Lawrence Lile

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02/18/2004 07:32 PM
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My wife and I are as different as possible, I think:

Me              Her
-----------     ---------
Engineer        Social work /
               Sunday school
Tall            Short
Blunt           Subtle
Rude            Polite
Rough           Soft
Ugly            Pretty
Beast           Beauty
Machines        Nature
Agnostic        Unitarian
Republican      Democrat
Meat            Vegetables
Hacking Gardening
Logic           Love

And so on. I have no idea how we have managed this long...
...its time to go home and give her a big hug and a kiss.


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2004\02\19@174321 by James Newton, Host

face picon face
Well, just what is a Unitarian is an interesting question from what I have

My take is that an Agnostic says "no one has a clue" and a Unitarian says
"everyone has at least part of a clue"

We attend
But I mostly tend the garden... The current minister is... Just too much for


{Original Message removed}

2004\02\19@175355 by James Newton, Host

face picon face
Oops! Screwed up and missed the reply to.

Please disregard that last post...

...Sorry Lawrence


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