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PICList Thread
'[O.T] Does this Spam Look Familiar?'
1998\05\14@101140 by Martin McCormick

       I had not posted a thing to the Piclist for quite some time until
about yesterday.  Today, I received a spam from some futures investment
scam (Legitimate businesses don't do this.) and I wonder if anybody else
has also gotten it?  This means that one of the addresses on this list
is a rogue.  The spam comes from a forged address at

Subject: El Nino !!!

       They have a toll-free number which I gladly called, once to chew
them out and a second time after I discovered that the return address
is forged.

Call Us at 1-800-526-4922, 24 Hrs. a day, seven days a week ,

       I sent a note to the technical/administrative contact at,
but they may be an innocent bystander in all this, just as the Piclist
is.  Basically, if you got the spam, give'm a call from a payphone or some
other relatively untracible source and cost them some dough.  That's the
only language they understand.

Martin McCormick

1998\05\14@111905 by Peter L. Peres

picon face
>(deleted spam fragment)

 The next time this happens, please post the entire header of the message
if at all. This allows some of us to tune our spam filters better than a
fragment from the message...


1998\05\14@154527 by Gordon Couger

Hello my name is Dave Roads and I noticed that you are interested in Spam.
If you will copy this to 1,000.000 news groups, mailing list and line all
bird cages with its and send your life savings to the top name on the list
remove it and put your name on the bottom I will garnets you will loose your
life savings.


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