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'[Getting slightly OT] Re: PIC 16F84 overclocking'
1999\02\09@200633 by Greg Cormier

>IIRC, with a *good* heat sink.)  Thermal grease would be good, too, if
>messy on a /JW part! <G>

Hmmm. Brings up an interesting tidbit. Has anyone tried that silver heat
conductant? I was at an electronics shop, getting some heat sinking gear. I
asked him for the conductant or whatever it's called. He shows me this
small tube which was about 20 bucks I think. Can't remember much, but I
compared it to the pretty much "standard" ? white stuff, and this stuff was
AWESOME at transferring heat. Beat the pants off the other stuff. Of
course, the shelf life of 6 months turned me off... He said it actualy
bonds the molecules together (so it acted like glue also) and you get a
very good contact between them... I thought it was pretty neat.


Greg Cormier
Kathmandu, Nepal
Local time : GMT + 5h30m
ICQ # : 565465

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