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'[Fwd: PET ID]'
1998\08\13@163956 by marcel

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Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 21:11:51 +0200
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Subject: Re: PET ID
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look at they have id tags in all sort's for instance creditcart
you activate them in an electro magnatic feeld some you can program a number in
some contain eeprom etc
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jhobbs wrote:

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1998\08\15@043622 by Markku VenŠlŠinen

Hughes Identification Devices, formerly known as IDI, makes an assortment
if proximity identification devices, including ones that were at one time
used for pet ID. They're not really transmitters though, because they can
only be read from a couple of inches away using a reader. Take a look at

>> Someone a while back listed some manufactures of those small ID
>> that I think are used to implant under a pets skin.  I am looking for data
>> on these devices so any source would be helpful.
>> Has anyone ever used these devices?
>> What is the correct name for these devices?
>> Take care  -Jim

Markku VenŠlŠinen

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