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PICList Thread
'[EFLT]Flying things and Flapping Wings'
1999\04\30@112834 by Mario I. Arguello

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In a message dated 4/30/99 9:23:50 AM SA Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< If you love like me the ornithopter or plane with flapping wings, you must
go to this site,

Hi folks:

This E-mail is directed to various E-mail lists I am interested in.  I think
there is some overlap in the topics, reason I am sending it to related lists
I subscribe to.

I am back again, recuperating from kidney stones that put me in the hospital.
Talk about Pain!

Anyhow, I am working on additional web pages that should help those of you
that bought MIA Sport helicopters with the installation of radio equipment.
Any questions let me know, as I mentioned in my original proposal before I
started offering MIA Sport, I am here to help you.

The ornithopter sites Claude(EFLT list) pointed out are very cool sites!  A
while back we were discussing the possibility of an indoor dragonfly RC
controlled model. I am wondering if anyone has done any work in this area

Looking at the ornithopter sites I keep thinking of the possibility of a
small bee, dragonfly or mosquito-like insect about 6 inches in length. If we
use the same analogy that a small helicopter becomes more stable with greater
rotor speed and we build our model insect with super fast flapping wings, I
think we would have a very stable model insect. Of course other factors such
as weight and control have to be taken into account but for the most part I
am just talking mechanics for now.  Perhaps someone out there is already on
this path and I do not mean the folks at Micro Air Vehicles. I am talking
regular people that have a passion for such.

We are living a very technological age, the birth of programmable micro chips
PICs has opened so many doors for miniaturization and exploration into areas
not possible before.  This brings me to the following vision:

Picaflor, or Hummingbird: A 6 inch micro flapping wing bird PIC/RC controlled
and driven by high speed Coreless electric motors.  Can you imagine such
wonder hovering around your garden over roses and flowers? Or perhaps over
your kitchen table or den?

We must try to go where no man has gone before. We have the technology
gentlemen. Dream! Build and Refine! Let's continue to share our developments,
this is the adhesive that bonds most of us through these E-mail lists.

Mario I. Arguello

(I feel compelled to share this with all of you, take it as you wish. There
isn't a day that goes by without thinking how lucky some of us are for having
the gift of life and the ability to make earth a better world. I've learn not
to take those things for granted. We only help ourselves by helping one
another. Thank You Lord.)

1999\04\30@155200 by Mario I. Arguello

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For the benefit of those asking/wanting to see the referenced ornithopter's
web pages I mentioned in my previous E-mail, here are the links Claude (EFLT
list) posted.

<<Hello from France !

If you love like me the ornithopter or plane with flapping wings, you must go
to this site,   : in english



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