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'[EE]LMX9838, end of product life?'
2009\07\15@233402 by Funny NYPD

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Anybody knows the future of this bluetooth module: the "LMX9838".

All of sudden, all major distributor seems deleting this parts on their online database at the same time, first allied Elec, then Mouser, now even digikey. I am sure seeing those parts in stock in relatively high quantity at all those three distributor a week ago. Now at least two erased the whole info on their database for online-users.

Any idea what is happening to this bluetooth parts? Any good substitute?

Funny N.
Au Group Electronics,


2009\07\18@144011 by Randy Glenn

Digikey lists them, just having no stock. Expecting them in about a month.

National still lists them as in full production - aren't they usually
good about announcing EOL and lifetime buys?


On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 23:33, Funny NYPD<> wrote:
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2009\07\18@151135 by Funny NYPD

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Greeting, Randy,
It looks a sign this parts will be obsolete soon which makes many fast react distributors deleting it from their database as early as they know.

NS changes a lot recently. Anybody got some inside news?

The LMX9838 really looks a very nice product.

Funny N.
Au Group Electronics,

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