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'[EE] temp sensors in general...RTS, thermocouple,o'
2008\01\17@054721 by Apptech

> RTDs are probably used because they are well understood,
> and there is a lot
> of gear out there that interfaces to them. However for
> your purpose it may
> be that a semiconductor sensor would be accurate enough,
> but you do not
> specify what accuracy the set point needs to have.
> Semiconductor sensors a
> typically somewhere between +/-1C to +/-2C without
> calibration, which may
> not meet your needs, and have a maximum temp around 100C,
> where RTDs can go
> extremely high (several hundred C)

Semiconductor sensors can be more like +/- 0.1C if used
intelligently. Some people are now making ICs which do this
for eg cpu temperature measurement. A silicon (or other
semiconductor) junction when subject to a defined current
step will undergo a defined voltage differential change
which is a property only (essentially) of temperature,
current change and junction material. For sensibly identical
parts (eg say silicon diodes) the device does NOT require
calibration to achieve accuracies an order of magnitude or
so better than is usually expected from uncalibrated silicon
junction based temperature measurement.

Gargoyle (and NatSemi IIRC) knows.


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