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'[EE] swithc wetting current'
2012\05\05@121553 by Harold Hallikainen

I'm aware of the minimum current requirement  on most switches to get a
reliable closure. Is anyone aware of any documentation indicating whether
a switch, once closed and conducting, needs this current to stay at a low
resistance (not repeated open and close, just close once and stay there
for years). If it is initially at a low resistance, will it stay there?
I'm thinking of the similarity of the switch to a telephone line splice,
which requires a "sealing currentt" to remain reliable even though the
splice is not opened and closed.

So, is anyone aware of any documentation on minimum switch current for a
switch that closes (properly), then stays closed for years? If resistance
goes up with time, but the sensing current is still low, perhaps the
switch will still be detected as closed.

Whhile I value opinions, documentation from switch manufacturers or
similar would be even better.



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