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'[EE] scrap tech'
2008\01\14@224616 by James Newton

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A couple of interesting pictures showed up over at the SX forum and I
thought it might be worth discussing them here:

Interesting points:

A) Yes, that is unsafe compared to what a couple hundred and a copy of
"welding for dummies" will get you here in the USA. In the country where
that is being done, I doubt those supplies were available. The point is that
this is work getting done for zero dollar investment; only sweat, skill and

B) We are getting to the point in the USA where there are substantial loads
of "stuff" that are given away ( Freecycle, CraigsList, etc... ) which, in
the hands of guys like those in the pictures, could possibly be quite

Anyone here got any stories of pulling off a job with lots of balls but zero
down and zero per month?

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2008\01\14@230729 by Spehro Pefhany

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At 10:47 PM 1/14/2008, you wrote:
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Heh. Lots.

Years ago we underbid some huge companies and manufactured seals for nuclear
reactors using crude equipment including a battery of hot plates and a horse
trough (operating from the basement of a dry cleaning business). They were of
very high quality.

>Best regards,

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2008\01\15@003734 by Sean Breheny

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They wouldn't have been used in a certain plant in Ukraine, would they ? ;-)


On Jan 14, 2008 11:07 PM, Spehro Pefhany <> wrote:
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> -

2008\01\15@004333 by Cedric Chang

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Got any photos ?

2008\01\15@095844 by Martin Klingensmith

welding galvanized steel, no gloves, no shield, at least they're getting
it done -- right? =)

James Newton wrote:
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2008\01\15@124700 by Piclist

I was poking around the net a few years back browsing through some of those
sites that show you how to build something from trash, and found the
instructions on how to build a welder from microwave oven transformers.  My
grandfather had me build 3 of them, one for his "shop" (the tiniest little
room you can fit a person and a few tools in, it was more like a closet),
one he kept on his truck and the other one he gave to a friend.

It took a 4 trash days (a month) total driving around the neighborhood
gathering peoples' microwave ovens.  It probably would've taken less time if
we had gone around to different neighborhoods with different trash days.

After he passed away last year, I was told there was a big altercation
amongst my cousins because there were more cousins than there were free
welders to go around =)


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