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'[EE] question on a fall edge trigger'
2008\07\24@234027 by gardenyu

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   I'm designing a battery charger with a power factor correction pre-converter. This critical conduction mode PFC chip (L6562 from ST), has a so-called compensation network, so that when load changes abruptly, it will slowly modify the output power to realize a high power factor.    But since mine is a charger, there is almost a constant load, thus this function is not really useful. My worry is: when the load is suddenly removed, the chip might be unable to respond fast enough.
   I wonder is there such a transistor circuit, which does nothing at no load or full load, but only outputs high when load is removed (fall edge)? This may involve some power, so I think simple flip-flops might not be useful.
   Thank you for any opinions.
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