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'[EE] looking for a molded plug..or one that can be'
2007\10\10@162617 by alan smith

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Few months back, I was looking for a PCB mount NEMA15 receptacle that I could mount right on the pcb.  Most responses, and rightly so, said not good..too much stress on the connections, etc.  So thats fine, just going with the snap in kind and wiring to them.

However, now I need to find the plug part that can be molded into my plastics for the final assembly.  Polycase has a product that does this...the stab terminals look like they buy from someone else and they just insert it in at some point during the mold process.  They wont give up who they get it from.  So, anyone come across something like this?  I had a link to a place that someone from the list directed me to, for the plug portion and I can't seem to find it now, thinking they might have what I am after.  They are in NY or someplace in that area, but I cant find the original response (its stored in some file folder im sure)

thanks in advance

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