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'[EE] eagle searchable archive?'
2006\02\21@155849 by Bob J.

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I was wondering if anyone knew of a slick way to search Cadsoft's eagle
newsgroups.  I always seem to get stumped by simple things, and end up
spending time trying to sort through Google results to find the answer I
need.  I'm thinking that there might be a way where I could download all of
the past Cadsoft newsgroup postings (realizing that if it were possible it
would take time) and let Google Desktop sort it out.  Any ideas?  My Outlook
Express reader can can only go back a few months, I'm assuming messages get
archived at the server.

Anyway, what led me to this question is I have to add some pads to my board
for external soldered wire connections, and am wondering what appropriate
hole sizes correlate to soldered wire gauge sizes.


2006\02\21@180834 by alan smith

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Not cadsoft, but there is a yahoo group, searchable message board

Yahoo! Mail
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2006\02\21@233609 by Denny Esterline

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I just use outlook express. If you just download all the headers it only
takes a few minutes (ok maybe 20 on dial up) then I use OE's search function
to search in the titles and download messages that look relevant. Might not
be the best way, but it works ok for me.


On 2/21/06, Bob J. <> wrote:
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> -

2006\02\22@035954 by William Chops Westfield

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On Feb 21, 2006, at 12:58 PM, Bob J. wrote:

>  am wondering what appropriate
> hole sizes correlate to soldered wire gauge sizes.
> ?

My generic "wire" component in eagle has a hole size of .8mm,
which handles up through 21g wire, according the to data there.

I'm not sure if there is a "standard" for how much play there
should be around a lead in a PCB hole.  On one hand, you want
some solder sucked in there, especially if you have PTH.  On
the other hand, you won't want TOO much slop in there...


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