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'[EE] cuk converters'
2005\08\08@044927 by Vasile Surducan

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Hi there,

It looks like cuk switching converter is the best topology for the
lowest ripple on the output. See the theory here:

However, the cuk converter output current is highly dependat by the
quality of the cuk capacitor. At large currents it requiring a large
value capacitor (not polarised) or high frequency. LM2611 is an
example. LT1534 is another choose for implementing a cuk switching
supply. Any experience with cuk converters here?


2005\08\08@051314 by Chen Xiao Fan

One bad thing about Cuk converter was that it is patented by
Dr S. Cuk. I am not so sure whether the patent has expired
or not. The other thing is that the design of the power stage
(inductor and capacitor value) is tricky. Dr Middlebrook and
Dr Cuk used to head Caltech's PEG but the group was dissolved
in the late 90s. However TESLACo (Dr Cuk's company) now
holds the right to the patents.


>From TESLACo website ( ):
TESLAco's proprietary technology is covered with 14 issued U.S.
and foreign patents and a number of new patents are in the
filing process. In addition, TESLAco has an exclusive license
from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech, Pasadena),
to the CUKonverter technology patents as well as all other patents
generated by Caltech's Power Electronics Group (PEG) which is headed
by Dr. Cuk. Thus, for the rights to use CUKonverter technology,
and/or other patents granted to Caltech's Power Electronics
Group, the License Agreement must be concluded with TESLAco.

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