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'[EE] Wireless power transmission'
2020\08\04@225101 by enkitec

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2020\08\04@231926 by Harold Hallikainen

Details would be interesting to see. For low power "wireless charging,"
I've read about inductive, RF, infrared, and ultrasonic. I don't think any
of these can transmit significant power for a significant distance without
safety concerns.


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2020\08\05@011313 by Sean Breheny

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My best guess is that this will end up as vaporware as all the others have.
However, they do say that they are transmitting in an ISM band, using a
narrow beam, and using metamaterials (maybe for lensing or to help the beam
to go around obstacles). They also say that they have a laser-based safety
detection barrier around the beam which shuts it down if anything enters
the beam. I'm not sure how that will work with birds or rain/snow.

Their name seems an odd choice. Emrod is an archaic English word for a

On Wed, Aug 5, 2020, 12:20 AM Harold Hallikainen <

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2020\08\05@015542 by RussellMc

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On Wed, 5 Aug 2020 at 14:52, <> wrote:

> NZ based low loss high power low cost wireless power transmission.

Whenever any sudden breakthrough is announced utilising relatively
normal  technology
in a new and brilliant and game changing way there are always detractors
who claim it breaks the laws of Science and makes no engineering sense.

More often than not, they are correct.

*TL;DR :      I'll risk being wrong and suggest that this is close to
rubbish, if not an elaborate con job.*

Details provided suggest an up to "extreme line of sight" transmission in
the "a few watts" / 10 kW entry level range with a 40 m^2 receiver panel.
Receivers are shown in images as flat square sheets (square making little
Intermediate relays are said to have minimal losses.
Currently achieved efficiencies at 10 metres are said to be about 70% but
significant;y better is expected.
Greatly reduced losses due to use of metamaterials [tm] at the receive end
is said to be one key to efficiency gains and overall ability.

At 10 metres using near field coupling 'a few Watts' at 10 metres range is
close enough to what MIT achieved in 2007.
The key is using "near field" magnetic coupling where there is no radiative
power transmission.
Power is transferred only to systems that couple (invariably resonantly) to
the magnetic field.
MITS managed about 2 metres at about 60 Watts at (AFAIR) under 50%


Q&A: New Zealand's wireless power transmission: Your questions answered -
August 4th 2020
Quite a few highly questionable points.

For 30 m range into a 40 m^2 panel either EM radiation beam angle is about
0.01 degrees full beam angle (!!!) OR they are achieving near field
coupling at 30 km or ... ?
(The near field of the Jodrell bank dish extends beyond the atmosphere -
big enough will do it :-) ).

*Image of a receiving panel [tm] *!/format/webp/quality/90/?

Long range wireless power transmission created by start up - 4 AUgust 2020

Press release

Image - artists impression - receive panel

"Stuff" -


MIT News 2007
Goodbye wires!
MIT team experimentally demonstrates wireless power transfer, potentially
useful for powering laptops, cell phones without cords

Wireless Future of Energy Tranfer - 2009


The latest system does not APPEAR to ne a near field system - nor an EM
system either fwiw.

Tesla lit the Crystal Palace wirelessly

The war over wireless power - 2011

Tesla 1901 -
Wardenclyffe -
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2020\08\05@035909 by Clint Jay

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Snake oil

On Wed, 5 Aug 2020 at 06:58, RussellMc <> wrote:

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-- Clint. M0UAW IO83

*No trees were harmed in the sending of this mail. However, a large number
of electrons were greatly inconvenienced.*
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