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'[EE] What attention Required to Purchase Switchin'
2003\06\16@003240 by Quah

What are the criterias I need to pay attention to when purchase a
switching power supplies adaptor ?  The qty purchase could be 5000 pcs.
Any experience
to share ?


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2003\06\16@015032 by Tal

Here are some random points

1. Certification for the intended markets (safety, EMI, power factor,
efficiency, standby power, etc)
2. Input voltage/frequency range for the intended market
3. Main power plug(s) that fits the intended markets
4. Form factor, is it a wall wart, brick, etc.
5. Does it have a LED indication
6. Output voltage/current specification
7. Efficiency /Heat dissipation
8. Aesthetic
9  Cable length and DC power plug dimensions (should match the jack on
your product)
10. DC power plug shape (straight, right angle etc)
11. Regulation (input voltage variations, load variations, etc)
12. Minimum load current (should be 0ma)
13. Ripple and noise
14. Classification that will help you certify the actual product
(Limited Power Supply, Class II, etc)
15. Price (including shipping, taxes, etc) and availability
16. Warranty
17. Packaging (does it comes already packaged in a box, is it 'bulk'
18. Reputation of the manufacturer.
19. If your product is mobile, you want to consider size, weight,
folding power plug, etc.

Most reputable manufactures will be able to provide you with a detailed
spec of the power supply, much beyond the one line of description you
find in catalogs such as Jameco.

The only vendor I have some experience with are
(just a customer, no other affiliation). Other vendors I am aware of are and but I am sure there
are many many more.

Good luck,


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2003\06\16@093428 by Marc Nicholas

Everything Tal said, plus if the guy you buy them from wants to meet at the
pub and then takes you to a van parked outside to 'fill your order', then
you might not want to buy them ;-)

On 15/6/03 03:30, "Quah" <spam_OUTasiactTakeThisOuTspamTM.NET.MY> wrote:

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Marc Nicholas Geekythings Inc. C/416.543.4896
UNIX, Database, Security and Networking Consulting

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