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'[EE] Velleman Function Generators & Oscilloscopes'
2005\07\31@093529 by Hasan A. Khan

I am thinking of buying an oscilloscope and a function
generator.  My needs are limited to hobby use, for now
atleast.  I wanted something that could be controlled
by my PC and would serve me for a few years in future
as my abilities grow.  I liked the Velleman's
instuments PCS500 scope and their PCG10 function
generator which can communicate with the scope.  What
is your opion of these Velleman instuments?  Any other
similar options?

Here are the links to these instuments


2005\07\31@112055 by Tom Stamm

Take a look at . I ggot their new scope
yesterday - looks like it's everything you need.

Limitation: A 1MHz sampling rate may put you off. Realistically,
sampling rate should be about 5 times the highest frequency you will be
observing, which limits you to 200KHz. Still a big improvement from the
scopes using a sound card. $220.00.

Tom Stamm

Hasan A. Khan wrote:
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