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'[EE] Using and developing basic skills=?utf-8?b?LQ'
2007\03\02@115533 by Peter P.

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William "Chops" Westfield <westfw <at>> writes:

> On Mar 2, 2007, at 4:57 AM, Peter P. wrote:
> > Is there a discussion somewhere that relates the geekiness
> >  of the client to his acceptance of reasonable fees ?
> I dunno if there's any strong correlation.  The "I understand"
> factor is counter-balanced by the "I could do it myself" factor...

Imho there are three levels of customer:

a) Wow it's magic. I don't understand anything about this. Here's $$$
b) I saw that at the dollar market. Who do you think you're fooling ?
c) I'm an engineer too, I appreciate your effort although this is not my domain.
I think that your price is right too, I checked the market.

The question obviously applies to b) (and somewhat to a)).

Peter P.

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