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PICList Thread
'[EE] USB vs. Serial'
2004\11\02@125016 by Stef Mientki


Peter Johansson wrote:

{Quote hidden}

There's also a firm that makes a one chip solution (includes FTDI, Xtal,
memory etc),
I think this was in the range of 6...10 Euro !!
I cann't remember it's name (maybe I do after sending this mail ;-)
but there was something with an X in it ??

>I think everyone else has just been waiting anxiously for the PIC18F
>devices with USB support to hit the shelves.  Either that, or the
>Atmel AT91SAM7 series, which just might become my universal hobby chip
>of choice...
And hope that they'll support the same quality PC-drivers as FTDI !!

Stef Mientki


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