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'[EE] USB Enumeration query'
2005\09\05@105501 by Alan B. Pearce

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I have a WinXP system that I would like to remove some existing USB comports
from. When I unplugged the original USB-serial devices the system has
remembered the com port numbers. Now when I plug in new cables they
enumerate at higher com port numbers than the program can use. I would
prefer to totally remove the previous ports, and removing the device driver
has not removed the port definition.

Does anyone have any pointers on how to "clean out" the existing enumeration


2005\09\05@124447 by Stef Mientki

I think the best way is remove ALL USB drivers (included ghost devices)
and remove the RELEVANT inf-files.
- remove the relevant USB devices from the PC
- (re-) start the PC in safe mode (this seems to be the only way to see
ghost devices)
- goto the hardware device manager (right mouse on my computer |
properties | hardware | device manager
- remove ALL USB devices, including all mainboard hubs (don't worry,
windows will find all devices that are available on the next startup)
- now remove all relevant inf-files (they are located in
c:\windows\inf\...). These are normal inifiles which you can read with
notepad, so you can check if this file concerns your trouble device. In
general start with the last numbered, because the first 10 or 20 are
from the mainboard and some other standard pheripherals.
- restart the PC (in normal mode, without connecting the trouble
devices), now all standard USB devices will be recognized, wait untill
are installed (view the devices manager or use a program like USBVIEW).
- now plugin the problem device

Stef Mientki

Alan B. Pearce wrote:

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