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'[EE] The I2C programmers'
2008\04\26@161431 by Bob Axtell

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My client bought two MICROCHIP SEEVAL32 I2C Design Programmers thru
Mouser. Worked
well for that job, but  our production PCs are mostly DOS, so I also got
a used EMICROS I2CRS232,
an RS232 to I2C gadget. But rigging it out, we somehow broke the MAX232
output chip
and had to replace it. Alls well that ends well.

It doesn't SEEM like there is a market for that sorta thing, but there
is. Maybe I should design

--Bob Axtell

2008\04\26@164943 by Funny NYPD

picon face
Does PICkit 2 CMD (Command Line Interface) support DOS?
Not so sure how you can send out USB command under DOS. Probably a free Linux might help.
So far, the PICKit2 still doesn't support EEPROMs with "Programmer-To-Go" feature.

Funny N.
Au Group Electronics, New Bedford, MA,

{Original Message removed}

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