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'[EE] Telephone Audio signals Differentiator'
2005\07\29@053752 by Josh Migeri


Would the pic_list community help me with suggestions on
a circuit that can differentiate between an Telephone
Service provider announcement: e.g "The number you are
calling is unavailable" and a human answering the Telephone
call on the other end. The circuit could be equipped to
identify other Telephone Call Progress tones e.g busy tone,
dial tone, ring tone.

I would like to use this circuit in a pic-controlled
telephone dialer.

Many thanks


2005\07\29@061128 by Jinx

face picon face
> I would like to use this circuit in a pic-controlled
> telephone dialer.

A long long time ago I made a dialer. LM567 decoders and
timing s/w were used for detecting the various tones. Finding
the difference between a real person and an IC person was
tricky. What we decided on was to assume the answerer was
human, if it was an IC do the spiel anyway, and look for the
disconnect tone either way

2005\07\29@122908 by Rob Robson

Try the Clare CPC5621 (, which is
DAA with hybrid, ring detection, CPC detection, and the ability to pass
caller information (for caller ID display, etc.).  The sample circuit from
their datasheet works well without any changes.


{Original Message removed}

'[EE] Telephone Audio signals Differentiator'
2005\08\01@100008 by Josh Migeri

Many thanks for the advice.


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