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'[EE] Talking to Sharp LQ022B8UD05'
2007\10\11@151653 by Harold Hallikainen

Does anyone know of any application notes on this display? The datasheet
is pretty useless as far as figuring out how to light up pixels. The
datasheet on the controller chip (LR38825) has LOTS of data, but can be
configured to drive a wide variety of displays, so it's difficult to
figure out how to set each of the 256 or so registers. The datasheet does
have a nice power on and power off sequence where they give you a register
number and what to write. But, as far as lighting a specific pixel, no
data is given. The controller datasheet gives us this helpful information
under "VRAM access sequence: For setting specification of register
address/register data, refer to 10. Register list."

Ideas? Anyone talk to this display before?



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