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'[EE] TMS320DA150 Datasheet?'
2005\01\25@130120 by Mike Hord

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I'm looking for the datasheet for this processor...TI has no record of
the part number and I'm having a heck of a time finding info about it.
Apparently, it is "TMS320C54x based", whatever that means.  The
particular chip in question is, according to published accounts, in a
BGA package with number of pins ~ 75 (I had to count on the schematic,
and may have miscounted).

For those curious, this is the brain in my new MP3 player (see  The entire product is open source,
although they recently had some flap over something in their firmware
that required that they temporarily "re-close" it.  I'm trying to
figure out the function of some of the pins on the processor so I can
make some sense of the FM transmitting component and hopefully improve
it somewhat (within legal limits, of course! ;-).

Mike H.

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