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'[EE] Stepper motorasanencoder-andaccidentalmicroph'
2008\11\07@031930 by Jinx

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Here are a couple of waveforms, captured with the soundcard and
Goldwave (a handy and free way to make a storage scope)

Voltage span is approx 1V to 5V (ie clipping)

Despite best efforts (IMHO), the low speed wave is still irregular, but
I think I've seen a way around it

There are definite boundaries crossed by legitimate pulses and logic
would work here. As occassionally two negative excursions appear,
the second can be filtered out (ignored) by the PIC

2008\11\10@165238 by Jinx

face picon face
> :: friend wants one moving spotlight to highlight
> :: a series of pieces in sequence
> Sounds an  ideal wheeze for solar cell positioning

I have a neighbour who's got some smallish solar cells, and we were
talking about where to mount it and tracking for best collection. A couple
of steppers with either sun-seeking or an azimuth calendar would do

> programming satellite tracking

He also asked about a fine control for his telescope. The optics are
good, plus it has a camera attachment, but it's a really sh***y plastic
tripod and fine adjustment is nigh on impossible. A pan and tilt using
steppers and lead screws and a good metal base would be a huge

Neither of those unfortunately make use of my new-found stepper-
as-encoder knowledge ;-(

> curtain positioning

And yes, goodness, I've made a couple of those too !!! I've a picture
on a CD somewhere. That was based on a cordless drill and its re-
arranged gearbox with a daylight sensor. Surprising how much tug you
actually need to open and close curtains, especially long drapes

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